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Encompass Web Works began as a freelance service assessing and fixing problems and errors with previously built websites. Then grew into web development and SEO as a result of client needs for more modern, mobile friendly designs that include today's social media integrations.


Static and CMS Sites

From simple sites that need very little updating, to a custom content management system that allows you to change the exact areas of your website without a cluttered dashboard. Encompass can create the environment to meet your needs and budget.

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Graphic Design

Starting out as an all around website service, the need for logo and graphics design was there from the beginning. Including all of the necessary file types to get your design to the product manufacturer of choice. Photo editing and watermarking are also part of the multitude of services provided.


Whether it was a mistake on your end with plugins and layout in a premade theme, or if your web designer has been MIA for weeks. Those broken links and missing images are affecting the perception of your business. Fixing your problems is paramount in getting you back into presentable form.